Hello, we’re Ashley & Giuseppe.

We’re glad this packet has found its way into your hands and we hope it will give you an idea of who we are and what we value. We imagine that our side of this process is the easier one and we’d like to take this opportunity to share how much we respect the strength you’ve shown by considering this decision.

Giuseppe was adopted as a newborn, which makes us feel especially connected to the process. He had an amazing and positive experience and this first-hand history makes us very optimistic about the future of our family. Our goal is to be supportive and loving parents, and we are ready and excited to become a family this way.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us. Hopefully, you’ll get a sense of the lives we lead and the kind of life we hope to offer your child.

About Us

We met in 2010 right after Ashley moved to Orlando. We connected immediately due to our love of food, eagerness to explore the city, and our nerdy sides. Since we were both fresh out of college and working hard to build a life, our early dates were modest and simple and usually involved fast food and a night in playing World of Warcraft. Our relationship has matured since then and our careers are flourishing, but we look back fondly on those days and know they taught us that a life well led isn’t one where you have the biggest house or the newest car, but one where you’ve made the best memories.

To this day, we make it a point to value experiences over things.

We are very lucky to live in a city like Orlando where there’s always something fun going on. We get out to Disney World a few times a year with our friends, see lots of theatre shows and concerts, and enjoy going to improv comedy clubs and pub trivia nights. A perfect weekend day for us might include checking out a new museum or spending the afternoon at a local festival.

We also love to travel. Giuseppe’s father is from Italy and his extended family still lives there, so we travel to Italy every year or so to spend time with them. There’s really nothing better than relaxing on the family farm in Vacri, and we can’t wait to show our little “bambino” the Italian culture. When we go to Italy we always try to tack on a side trip to a new country. We’ve made brief visits to exciting cities like Barcelona and London and often talk about how fun it will be to go back as a family and experience the cultures and cuisines with our son or daughter.

And speaking of cuisines, that’s one passion we definitely both share – FOOD!  Ashley originally trained as a chef and cooks dinner from scratch nearly every night. Some of her specialties include homemade pizza, scrumptious pasta, and the best beef stew you’ll ever taste! She loves to throw dinner parties for our friends and family and really show off what she can do. Giuseppe is a great cook too—his family doesn’t let anyone off the hook about learning to cook! We also enjoy checking out new restaurants, and since Orlando has such an eclectic mix of cultures we get to try all kinds of food. Some of our favorites are Turkish and Cuban, though nothing beats good BBQ!

Giuseppe was adopted as a newborn into a huge, loving, boisterous Italian family. Most of them live in Michigan or Italy so unfortunately we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like, but when we do it is always a blast! We play cards, watch soccer, and of course EAT! His father, Joe, was born in Italy and currently works in construction. Giuseppe is also the proud big brother to two younger sisters, Valerie and Nina. His family is big, loud, and a bit crazy but we wouldn’t want it any other way. They can’t wait to have a new baby in the family to spoil rotten!

As for Ashley’s family, we’re lucky enough to live next door to her father and stepmother. Bob, her father, is a great man who is absolutely devoted to his daughters and extended family. He retired from a career with the Navy and now works in military simulation technology. His wife, Pam, is a flight attendant and possesses a near limitless supply of cheer and energy. Ashley’s extended family lives in Tennessee, including her mother, Connie, and sister, Amber. Due to the distance, we don’t see them in person nearly as much as we’d like, but they all love to Facetime one another and catch up. Amber is expecting her first child, and the sisters are very excited to be starting their families at the same time.

Our home is tucked into a quiet neighborhood in eastern Orlando. We actually live right next door to Ashley’s parents, and while this may seem like the setup for a sitcom, things work out very nicely overall. We get together for dinner with them often, and have fiercely competitive family board game nights. We share our home with a lovely Quaker parrot by the name of Pudding. We’re sure this little bundle of feathers can find it in her heart to welcome another human into her home, and we can’t wait to do the same.

About Ashely by Giuseppe

Ashley has one of the best examples of a curious mind I have ever known. She is fascinated with history and science and culture and cuisine. Her passion for learning and exploring is perhaps the thing I admire most in her—and the reason I know she will make a phenomenal mother to our child.

Ashley lights up whenever she has a chance to talk with someone about a subject she loves. She also delights in looking up the answers to the questions she doesn’t know.  As parents we are our child’s first teachers and I am so happy to know that our child will have Ashley to guide them

.Ashley is also a great planner and organizer. She loves to throw dinner parties, host birthdays, and plan family vacations. This even extends to her career as a travel coordinator for the local university’s sports teams. She helps get coaches, recruits, and whole teams to where they need to be, sometimes at a moment’s notice.

One of the really great things Ashley has to teach is service and charity. She volunteers regularly with the Red Cross and at a rehabilitation center for wounded birds. Ashley will be sure to teach our child the importance of helping others.

I know Ashley will be an amazing mother who will delight in exploring the world with a child and who will be a shining example for how someone can make a difference in the world around them.

About Giuseppe by Ashely

When Giuseppe and I met, I was initially attracted to his ability to reach things on the top shelf. Just kidding — though having a 6’7” guy around certainly comes in handy! What first drew me to him was his down to earth sensibility, his great group of friends, and his unabashed love of all things nerdy.

I know Giuseppe will be a wonderful dad because he is so calm and patient. I’ve never once heard him raise his voice, and he rarely gets stressed out about anything. He also has a wonderful work ethic and always puts family first, even when it meant working a back-breaking job he hated when we were first married. He knew that our future family was worth all of the hard work. Nowadays he works a job he loves as a web developer for a marketing agency and has great coworkers that we’re happy to call friends.

One of the things Giuseppe and I really click on is our nerdy side. We share a love of sci-fi movies, fantasy books, and all things history. He doesn’t mind that my idea of a road-trip play list is a 12-hour long podcast about the history of the Mongol Empire. Giuseppe and his friends get together for weekly games of Dungeons & Dragons and dabble in creating their own games.  He helps me put together costumes for conventions and occasionally even dresses up too!

I look forward to seeing Giuseppe introduce our child to video games, art, music, and all the other things he’s passionate about. I know his laid back, cheerful, yet dedicated and hard-working personality will make him a fantastic father!

What we hope to offer a Child

We believe it is so important that a child feels supported from a young age. If they want to play sports, we’ll be right there on the sidelines. If they are more into music or art they will always have our full support. We recognize that every child is unique and individual, and we cherish and respect this about them. Should our child’s future plans involve college, we are able to support this financially. Additionally, Ashley’s family has a strong tradition of serving in the military and Giuseppe comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, so we are supportive of any future path they may choose.

We are very lucky to both have large and supportive families for your child to be a part of. We live next door to one set of grandparents so you can bet they’ll be spoiled like only a grandparent can! On Giuseppe’s side, they’ll grow up in the Italian culture filled with all the wonderful traditions that go along with it. We also look forward to showing them many countries of the world during our travels.

Orlando is a special city to grow up in, and their childhood will be filled with memory-making trips to Disney World, Florida’s fantastic beaches, and enjoying all the great culture, food, and excitement Orlando has to offer.

We are both blessed to work for great companies and have flexible work schedules, so we will be able to take time off and always be there when we’re needed.

Thoughts on Adoption

Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little about us. We understand what a big decision you’re making. If you choose us to be your child’s family we will make sure they always know how brave and selfless you were, and how your decision was made out of love.  As an adoptee himself, Giuseppe is uniquely equipped to be a supportive and understanding adoptive parent. He will be able to relate to your child when they get older and have questions about their adoption.

We will work hard to build a caring, stable home where your child will always feel loved and supported. Your child will grow up knowing they can chase their dreams and always have a loving family cheering them on.

If it feels comfortable for you, we are open to regular letters and phone calls so you can see how they’re growing up.

If you have more questions about us or would like to arrange an initial phone call to see how we get along, please feel free to call Cindy at A Loving Alternative anytime. Her phone number is 800-556-5635.

Thank you, and we wish you the very best as you make this decision.



Giuseppe and Ashley

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