Hi, we are Scott, Jen and Hannah, and we live in beautiful Northern California.

We look forward to growing our family through adoption once again, and the three of us cannot wait to share our lives with another child!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We hope this letter allows you to get to know us a little bit as you choose a future family for your child.

About Us

L1 - Jen & ScottWe met in 2005 while we were both teaching Middle School.  Our first date was a hike, which was followed by many subsequent hikes.  Scott fell in love with a kind, confident, adventurous girl who has a strong faith in God and enjoys encouraging others. Jen fell in love with a fun-loving quirky guy who also has a strong faith in God, loves working with kids and is very positive, generous and adventurous.

We were married that same year at Christmastime and have enjoyed these past ten years of marriage. Both of us are each deeply committed to love each other through the good times as well as the challenging times.

We always strive to communicate well, laugh together, and work hard to continually learn and grow together.

In 2013, we were blessed to adopt our daughter Hannah and it’s a joy and honor to be her parents.  She is a kind, happy and fun loving girl, and we are excited for her to become a big sister.

We both come from wonderful and supportive families.  Jen’s family lives in Northern California, and Scott’s family lives in Michigan.  Maintaining close relationships with our parents and siblings is important to us and we love spending time with all of them.  Once a year, we travel to visit Scott’s family in Michigan, and they come visit us often. We have five nieces and nephews between us and Hannah loves her cousins very much!

Adventuring as a family is something we do often – whether it is day trips to the beach, hiking, camping, playing in the snow or flying across country to visit friends and family, we always have fun together! A healthy and active lifestyle is very important to us.  We have recently started milling our own fresh flour and making homemade bread. In the evenings we have family time where we sing and play guitar while Hannah dances.

The wonderful town we live in is small and surrounded by beautiful hills and vineyards.  We like to ride our bikes downtown, and during the summer we often listen to music in the park on Friday nights.  We are very involved in our church, and Hannah enjoys the children’s programs there as well as the church’s community garden.  We have many friends at church, and we consider many of them to be like family.  Many of our friends have young children and we often spend time with them playing at the park or in the backyard.

About Jen by Scott

L2 - Jen & ScottWhen I first met Jen, we were both teaching Middle School and I was immediately attracted to her kind, friendly, organized disposition and noticed she smiled easily and expressed a calm confidence.  As I began getting to know her I quickly fell in love with her.  As we discussed our faith, upbringing and future desires we saw how well we fit together.  I truly felt like we were pages out of the same book and meant to be together.

Jen is a very adventurous girl who is rejuvenated by nature.  Hiking, camping, boating, and experiencing the beauty of the outdoors speaks to her soul.  She loves taking morning walks near the golf course by our house. She is creative and likes to sew and create beautiful quilts, and often makes gifts for others.  I love that Jen is very talented and organized, and great at making lists.  I am often amazed at how much she is able to accomplish in a day.  She successfully started her own online business selling items she’s created in order to be a stay-at-home-mother.  Jen is also good at taking the time to express care for others through hand written notes of encouragement.

I am very proud of Jen as a mother.  She loves to spend time with Hannah snuggling and reading books.  She often makes up silly voices to keep things fun.   Jen enjoys involving Hannah in cooking and baking as well as serving others.  It delights my heart that she wants more than anything else to stay home in order to nurture, teach and care for Hannah and her brother or sister to be.  Jen is so good at taking the time to guide and direct Hannah, and always works to learn more about Hannah’s heart.

Jen has made our home a warm, welcoming and comfortable place to be.  I appreciate the many homemade pillows, hand painted signs of encouragement and thankfulness, coupled with antique furniture that tells stories and continues to bring beauty and character.

Jen grew up in Northern California and lived in the country where her family always had many animals and lots of room to roam.  Jen is very close with her parents and two younger brothers, and we enjoy spending time with them all as much as we can.

Jen is a beautiful person inside and out, and I thank God for this wonderful woman who is such a great wife, mother and friend.

About Scott by Jen

L3 - Jen & ScottScott is my best friend, and my perfect companion.  One of the reasons I love him is because he is so giving, generous, and is always concerned for the needs of others. He is a fantastic father, and I enjoy watching him play with Hannah.  He loves to be silly with her and make her laugh.   I also love seeing him take the time to teach Hannah and include her in the projects around the house.  He is very hands-on and interactive, and he loves being a daddy!

When I first met Scott, one of his traits that attracted me was his goofy and fun loving way.  Scott has a great sense of humor, and all his friends and family love to spend time with him.  He is a people person, and spending time with friends and family is one of his favorite things to do.  Relationships are very important to him, and he is really great at maintaining positive relationships with family and friends both near and far.

Scott loves adventure and enjoys being outdoors.  He is happiest when he is able to explore, and he loves to take us camping and hiking. He looks forward to someday teaching his children how to rock climb and backpack.

Always eager to use his gifts and abilities to benefit others, Scott has the heart of a servant, and is most fulfilled when he is helping people. He is an incredibly talented mechanic and handyman who enjoys finding solutions to problems. Whether it is the car or an appliance, he is able to fix just about anything.

Raised in Michigan, he enjoyed the four seasons. In the summer he played baseball and rode his bike everywhere.  He spent much of the summers camping on the weekends with his family, fishing on the Great Lakes, working in the garden and cutting lawns in his neighborhood. In the winters Scott enjoyed skiing and playing ice hockey. His parents and sister still live in Michigan and he stays close to them through regular phone and facetime calls.

I am very proud of Scott for working hard to provide for our family.  He has a great career working for the city in which we live.  He is a dedicated and loyal husband and father and it is obvious that he is a man who puts his family first.  Scott is definitely a blessing to all who know him!

About Hannah

Hannah is a happy, kind, sweet, and fun loving three-year old who enjoys many different activities. A natural lover of the outdoors, she enjoys exploring, camping, hiking and is always looking forward to our next adventure as a family.

On the more creative side, Hannah loves music and pretends to be a ballerina dancing around the house while we sing and Scott plays guitar.  Now that she is old enough, she’ll be starting her first ballet class soon!

Always extremely social, Hannah has a generous spirit and plays very well with her cousins and friends.  Often looking for ways to be helpful, she is sensitive to the needs of others and shares effortlessly with other children.  She loves her dolls and babies and frequently talks about playing with her new baby brother or sister.  She can’t wait to be a big sister!

Thoughts on Parenting

Our Christian faith is central in our lives, and we base our approach to parenting on biblical principles.  It is important to us to teach our daughter to show kindness, love and generosity to those around us. We try to put others first and promote a positive attitude.  Asking for forgiveness, showing grace and loving one another in spite of differences is practiced frequently in our home.  We consider ourselves loving and caring people who nurture a strong, healthy and stable home environment.

Education is very important to us, and we believe in taking an active role in the education of our children.  We believe every child has God-given abilities and talents that are realized when they have many opportunities to experience all sorts of activities including sports, music, arts etc.

Thoughts on Adoption

L4 - Jen & ScottAfter experiencing infertility for many years, we knew adoption was the best way to start our family.  Jen’s mother was adopted, and we were excited to continue the legacy when we adopted Hannah.

Through the process of adopting before, we have realized the great sacrifice birth parents are making when they choose adoption for their child.  We recognize the choice is made as a result of the incredible love you have for your child.

Our experience adopting Hannah was very positive and we’ve maintained a relationship with Hannah’s birth family through texts and pictures.  From the beginning, we’ve been open with Hannah about her birth family and share pictures of them.  Hannah feels free to ask questions and we speak openly about her adoption.

We hope that our second adoption experience will be similar to our first in that we are open to as little or as much communication as our child’s birth – family would like.

As adoptive parents we are so thankful to open our lives and our home again to another beautiful gift of a second child.  We admire the courage it takes to consider placing your baby for adoption, and we are humbled you would consider us to be parents for your baby.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. If you’d like to get to know us better, please call Cindy anytime at 800-556-5635.



Scott & Jen

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