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We have seen many bright, educated people…

make adoption mistakes that cost thousands of dollars and years of unnecessary waiting. A Loving Alternative’s role in the adoption process is to help you adopt a domestic newborn and to eliminate much of the unnecessary stress and frustration associated with domestic adoption.

A Loving Alternative can give you the helping hand you need to guide you through successful adoption.

Benefits of Using A Loving Alternative

Your Adoption Goals and Dreams Will Be Our Guide to Finding You an Adoption Situation That is a Fit for You

Once accepted into our program, we will guide you through an adoption planning session; the planning session is a critical part of the process. We listen to the type of child you desire, your tolerance for risk, available budget, and determine the level of openness you are comfortable with. This information is then used as our guide to find you the right adoption situation.

We Limit the Number of Clients that We Accept Into Our Program

Our clients get personal service throughout the adoption process. You will never feel like you are just a number. You will get maximum exposure. You will not be competing against hundreds of other waiting families.

Eliminate Your Need to Search for Potential Expectant Parents

The stress and anxiety of placing and managing your own ads and time spent self-marketing will be eliminated.

 Provide Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind in knowing that you have choices. If a relationship with a potential expectant mother does not work out, we will continue our search for a new opportunity. Our fee is good until you successfully adopt.

Our clients pay us one flat fee. If a match does not work out, there are no additional fees for our services.