Placing a Baby for Adoption is a Selfless Choice

You are facing one of the most difficult decisions you may ever have to make, a decision that will affect so many lives. We know that you have many choices and that placing your baby for adoption is not always the easiest choice.

Adoption can give you the opportunity to turn an unplanned pregnancy into a positive situation. You can give your child the gift of a life full of love and security. You will also fulfill the dreams of a couple, who will forever give you a special place in their hearts.

We started A Loving Alternative in 1994 after a very brave 21 year old expectant mother chose us to adopt her baby. Our adoption experience led us to assist others who are considering placing a baby for adoption. We know first hand that placing a baby for adoption is the greatest gift you can ever give.

A Loving Alternative Adoption Facilitation services works with pregnant women and adoptive parents from throughout the United States. Our role is to assist you in creating an adoption plan that focuses on your specific needs. We will provide you with non-judgmental guidance regarding your situation and your choices. In other words, we help you put all the pieces together.

We understand that a woman experiences many emotions when considering placing a baby for adoption. We are here to listen and to give you guidance. We will also arrange for you to meet with a local counselor who will provide ongoing adoption support.

We maintain the highest standards; we are registered and regulated by the State of California’s adoption unit.

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