We are Lee and Christine. We are an adventurous, creative, committed couple, who have longed to be parents for many years. We have many adoptions in our family, including Lee. We’ve decided to embark on this journey to adopt a baby into our hearts and our home.

Although we have not met, we admire the courage it must take to consider placing a baby for adoption. This letter may not have enough information for you to make your decision, but we hope it gives you a feeling for us. We hope you see warmth, because it’s who we are.

About Us

We met working together over a decade ago in Connecticut. Our friendship grew over time. We met for dinner on our first date, and I (Lee) asked Christine to dance in an empty restaurant. She thought I was nuts, but we completely fell for each other that evening. We have an incredible bond, a desire to have fun, and an expectation of respect and shared love; our love has never faltered, since the day we met.

Back then, we lived in places close to Christine’s work, while Lee was starting a business of his own. Together, we’ve lived in Connecticut, New York, Puerto Rico, and California. Currently we are back in CT to be closer to our family. We are aware of how different lifestyles can be around the United States.

Our countryside home is full of laughter, healthy delicious meals and puppies. We’re surrounded by scenic views and natural wildlife. We remodeled our home and chose the location because it’s close to family, relaxing and beautiful. We have two sweet dogs. Victor, who melts hearts with his big personality, and Rocky, a high-flying goofball puppy, have been like children to us. Lee’s sisters and brother live close-by. His oldest sister has not only two children, but two puppies of her own who play with Victor and Rocky often.

We are active and love being outside in our quiet, beautiful, rural neighborhood. In the spring and summer, we enjoy running 5K’s in the morning; although we tackle the gym when the weather isn’t so great. We enjoy swimming with our pups in the pool, reading, and watching our favorite shows together in the evening.

Family is important to us, and to us, our close friends are like family. Some of our strongest friendships came out of our time living on the island of Puerto Rico. When we moved there we struggled with the language, did not understand the culture, and had to build our own community from scratch. Christine has a knack for bringing people together and started an outdoor group which grew to over 150 people before we left! We would go hiking, paddle boarding, bike riding, or spend time with friends on the beach every weekend. We even started hosting a “Friendsgiving”, because our island friends became like family. Now we are back in Connecticut, we stay connected with our friends around the world, and even host friends who visit from abroad.

Our immediate  family lives in Connecticut. We love spending time together with siblings. We spend time with family for weekly movie or game nights, and have regular dinners together. We’ve all heard “it takes a village to raise a child”, and we have a strong, diverse “village”, from around the world. Our family, friends local and abroad, and community are all here to support us as we raise a child of our own.

We’re united, loving, and committed to loving our new baby from birth. We are ready to guide our child through all the ups, downs and in-betweens she or he will encounter in life.

About Christine by Lee

If I could only say one thing to say about my wife, I would say she is a genuine, strong-willed, big-hearted, responsible person. Christine is selfless and has also taken on the cheerleader role for her entire family. Even when doing so, she remains committed to our marriage. Christine impresses me with her thoughtful insight to my siblings. We recently moved into our home and Christine made it a priority to ensure we were close to not only her family, but close to mine as well.

Christine is talented at everything she does. She’s had a packed career; everyone she worked with looked up to her, even admired her. Christine knows the ‘right thing to do’ in almost any situation. She is supportive to others when they need it most, and is often viewed as a work/life mentor by her peers. Christine’s talents do not stop in the workplace. She is a culinary whiz and has never crafted a meal which did not impress. Our friends and family look forward to coming over when Christine is in charge of the food. She’s incorporated healthy cooking styles from almost every continent. Mealtime is never boring! Christine finds inspiration when we travel, from others, or the Internet. She recreates these dishes with her own flair, often exceeding the original!

Christine grew up in a loving, close family, and has one brother. Her parents had a wonderful relationship. After 39 years of marriage, her mother and father continued to hold hands on the couch while they watched their favorite television show. After losing her father, Christine continued to look after for mother and brother. She ensured her close family remained together. Christine’s mother, brother, uncle, and cousins all play a special role in our lives. Her mother is kind and sweet. Her brother is hilarious, and the center of any event. Her cousins have many children. Christine has spent years offering love, advice, and guidance to her extended family. It’s beautiful to witness the love Christine has for her family, and the love returned to her in kind. I can’t wait to stand by Christine’s side as she offers her kindness, love, and life experience with our new baby.

Christine’s leisure time involves family, running, walking our dogs, yoga, and meditating. Christine has a beautiful collection of sea-glass. She sells her own sea-glass jewelry as a creative outlet.

Christine is an incredible woman with great character and has the wisdom to help our child navigate this world. She has the strength to keep pushing forward when moments look bleak. Most of all, she has the compassion to understand when it’s needed most. I have no doubt Christine will be a fantastic mother, and can’t wait to share this journey with her.

About Lee by Christine

Lee is a devoted and loving husband, he is generous with his time making his family the priority. Lee has shown me so much about his character by supporting my mother after my father passed. This made me love him even more. My mom and I are close and having my husband embrace my mother warms my heart. When it comes to kids or pets, he is the first one down on the floor to roll around and play with them. Victor and Rocky are our fur babies, Lee loves to spend time playing and teaching them new tricks.

For over 7 years, Lee dedicated himself to the software company he started. His dedication to growing the business was unbelievable. Lee made the business profitable to provide for his family. He works from home, and we are lucky to have lots of time together. I appreciate his love for education and desire to be a lifelong learner; he enjoys reading. One of Lee’s favorite sports is tennis, he enjoys both watching and playing. He is a strong player and I know he looks forward to teaching his child one day, he has a lot of patience.

Lee does not shy away from learning new skills or tackling unprecedented obstacles. There has yet to be a challenge he hasn’t been able to overcome, such as rewiring electrical in our home. Lee is not an electrician, but taught himself what to do along the way. Additionally, Lee became fluent in Spanish  while we lived in Puerto Rico! When he decides to do something, he commits to getting the job done, and not much will get in his way. I love that he’s inquisitive and knowledgeable about many topics, yet willing to learn something new when the moment arises.

Lee is the middle child of a family with five adopted children. Additionally, he has one biological sister who was raised by another family. Lee is the one his siblings turn to when they need advice or support. He is one of the kindest, most intelligent and humble souls I have ever met. Recently one of his sisters asked Lee to be the Godfather to his niece. The look on his face when asked was priceless! He loves her so much. It is important for Lee to spend time with his nephews and nieces. Lee has such a sense of pride when he teaches them something new, like riding a bike.

He is a man of character and an excellent problem solver. He’s a planner, a dreamer, and my best friend. Lee loves adventure, fitness, early breakfast, home renovation, my cooking and quality time with our family. He makes great blankets that are so warm and cozy; I bet he’ll make one for our baby too! Lee is going to make a terrific Dad!

Our Promise

We promise to raise our child with love and honesty, and to teach compassion and forgiveness. We promise to teach our child to question the world, never stop learning, and to embrace learning from failures and mistakes. Most of all, we will teach our child to be themselves, above all else. We will be here to support our child – to accept them, listen and talk as a family, without restrictions. We value lifelong learning. We will provide the best educational opportunities, as well as financial stability for our child. We promise to provide our child the love and life tools to leave this world in a better place than it was when they discovered it.

We will raise our child with an age-appropriate adoption story and will evolve with more information over time. We are supportive of open adoption – sharing photos, updates and planning visits together. This is special to both of us, given our adoption history.

We thank you for taking the time to get to know us. To learn more about us, please contact our adoption coordinator. You may call Cindy Simonson at “A Loving Alternative”, 1-800-556-5635.



Lee and Christine

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