We’re Dana and Ari – living full, fun and healthy lives in beautiful San Francisco! We’re pretty much inseparable and never have a bad time together. We’re so excited you are considering us to have the honor of raising your baby and providing a loving and permanent family.

We realize this is an incredibly personal decision for you, and we appreciate you taking the time to read through our profile and consider us as you choose your baby’s adoptive parents. Being a great team, we want more than anything in the world to have a child to join our team. We’re looking forward to the awesome responsibility and exciting adventure of raising a child and couldn’t be more thrilled to have this opportunity.

About Us

When we met on the dating website OkCupid, our connection was immediate. Our magical first date ended with Ari asking Dana out again, and she famously told him, “Call me, don’t text me!” After date #2, we decided to officially become a couple, and haven’t been apart much since. We didn’t know such a great love was possible!

We’re in love with life and each other, and are always doing something fun, whether it is a casual stroll with our puppy up and down the steep hills of our San Francisco neighborhood, visiting museums, going to Ari’s concerts (he writes his own music, plays the guitar and sings!) going camping or skiing or flying to see fascinating places in the world. We “work to live”, instead of “live to work”, and take advantage of what our jobs allow us to do – live life to the fullest. Our baby will also have this life of both stability and adventure, right from the very start of its little baby life.

San Francisco is the perfect city for us, while we love all the art, culture and energy of the city, we also love being in nature, running the dog on the beach, hiking, picnics or camping in the Sierra Mountains and Yosemite. One of the best things about San Francisco is its proximity to beautiful nature just a 30 minute drive or less outside the city! We’re both city people who love the fact that so many cultural experiences are so close. We have brunch at the Mexican cafe on our block, buy fish from the Japanese market, go to the Russian grocery store near the ocean, see a ballet or opera in San Francisco and jazz and hip hop concerts across the bridge in Oakland every year – we believe in the diversity that makes the San Francisco Bay Area great.

Almost every weekend, we take our little dog on long hikes through giant redwoods casting their magical shadows, or in the gorgeous hills bathed in that golden and bright California light. Ari makes his famous tuna salad sandwiches and we often spend an hour just looking over the breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay.  Sometimes our friends come along, and we get to bask in their children’s pleasure at stomping in the mud, watching butterflies and learning to respect nature.  As avid environmentalists ourselves, we dream about a future where we can share this love of nature and respect for the earth with our own child.

Dana loves creative cooking and is always dreaming up some new ideas, ranging from the perfect grilled cheese, hummus from scratch, BBQ shrimp skewers or experimenting with Chinese or Indian flavors. Our bright, sunny home is one of creativity and endless projects – whether Dana is sewing, designing costumes for us for that next festival or parade or Ari is writing songs for his next album, or making huge omelets for our traditional weekend breakfasts. Ari is an artist – both an oil painter who has taught Dana the joy of getting covered in paint and making a masterpiece, and a musician who fills the house with beautiful sounds.

Life wouldn’t be the same without our super sweet and affectionate kitties Captain and Zeke, and our doggy Lemmy – they light up our house with their cuteness and we adore them!

Dana through Ari’s Eyes

I love Dana because she’s quite simply the most beautiful, kind-hearted, loving, intelligent, fun, fair and hilarious person I have ever known, by far. As a partner, Dana shares her amazing personality, with all its energy, goodness, generosity and loyalty, with one lucky person – me!

Six years since we met, and we’re still completely in love.  We cook together, go on hikes, watch films on our projector and big screen, snuggle our pets, and we never fight.  I know, it sounds impossible, but it’s true.  Dana is a planner with endless energy and gets us to go camping, hiking, take yoga classes, and teach our puppy lots of cute tricks.

Dana holds a senior executive position at a big company in downtown SF. She’s an inspiration to me with all that she’s accomplished, and I’m so proud of her for doing this all on her own “from scratch”. I’m so proud that she’s recognized for her uncompromised work ethic, intelligence and likeability, all traits that have contributed to her successful career.

At work Dana may be a big boss, but to me she’s the sweetest darlin’ who’s ever walked the earth.  She constantly makes me laugh and makes me feel loved every second I am with her. Dana is the perfect mix of smart, organized and capable, while also being soulful, spiritually and physically healthy, warm-hearted and fun.  She loves her job and wants to keep working but has the flexibility to work from home and often works short hours.  Plus, her office is only a mile from our house!

I am more of a dreamer and try to share with Dana the joy of creative self expression like making oil paintings side by side or writing little songs in our kitchen together.  We love activities that seemingly don’t have a purpose, but that give life a bit of magic.  Dana already has a starry eyed enthusiasm for life and love for all people and animals in general so, together with my artistic sensibilities, she is able to both accomplish a ton, and to “stop and smell the roses” every day along the way. We compliment each other.

Ari through Dana’s Eyes

I’ve always been proud of myself for waiting to find a husband like Ari. Ari is a huge light in my life.  It might sound a little mushy, but I didn’t know a relationship could be this easy. We met 6 years ago and the only thing that has not been close to perfect is not being able to have our own child. Other than that, our life together has been full of adventures and loving partnership. We don’t argue (except maybe about what to cook for dinner!) and were both raised in households that value calm communication and discussion of differences rather than letting tempers get in the way.

Ari is my friend and my partner and has this beautiful view of life that is poetic and expressive. He’s always reminding me that I can relax and let things go, because I am such a list maker!  As an artist, Ari is in touch with his feelings, which I’ve always thought would make him an excellent father. One of our favorite people, Miguel, who is 5 and the son of some of our closest friends, thinks Ari is the funniest person he knows. Ari loves to crack him up with super corny jokes and twirl him around, with Miguel just giggling the entire time.  Ari is also a baseball fanatic, making sure we go to a few games a season with our friends, which is super fun! I always thought it would be cool to marry a man who speaks another language fluently. In fact, Ari and his family immigrated from Russia when he was 8, so he speaks fluent Russian, but you would never know it since he doesn’t have an accent! He’s lived in four countries, so he’s very open minded and accepting of all types of people, religions and cultures.

Ari works from home as a VP of Sales, which he loves because of the freedom and flexibility it offers him. He’s also a good salesperson and for that reason doesn’t have to work super long hours like so many executives, and can take breaks throughout the day to walk the dog and plan dinner. Ari is looking forward to being home with a baby and excited to have a nanny so he can continue to work from home and spend his breaks with our child.  I’ll get 6 months paid leave, so I will be around too, and afterwards will be able to work a few days a week from home. We’ll get the best of both worlds; to be able to be home for our child but continue to keep our jobs so we can provide a secure household and savings for travel, college, and supporting whatever passion, talent and pursuit that our child should choose.

Our Family

One of the best things about our relationship is our relationship with the rest of our families.

While Dana has a pretty small family, she is extremely close with her mother and sister and talks to them every day. Dana’s mom taught her a love of animals and plants and when they’re together we usually learn to identify trees on nature walks, play with kittens she fosters or cook her mother’s famous vegetarian dishes.  Dana’s sister is an artist who collects antiques and vintage clothing and loves to express herself with her colorful view of life.  Both of them are super excited to teach a little one their unique and peaceful worldview.

Dana feels incredibly lucky that she has been welcomed with open arms into Ari’s larger family. His family has been in the states for 40 years and is super close. They love to celebrate their Russian heritage, usually by eating caviar and pickles. Ari’s father has become like a second father to Dana, who lost her own father to a heart attack almost 20 years ago. Ari’s mom is one of the funniest, warmest people you’ll ever meet – she loves all children and animals.

Ari’s sister, who is his best friend, is in Brooklyn and is about to have a baby girl this fall.  Your baby will have lots of cousins waiting to be best buddies, in New York and Los Angeles!

Ari’s father is Jewish (as Ari considers himself to be) and his mother is Christian, so he grew up with both. As spiritual but not religious people, we feel lucky to have such a wide experience to draw from. It would be an honor to give our children access to many religions so they can grow up to be a person who can span spiritual practices and decide on their own relationship with God.

Thoughts on Parenting

We think that parenthood is a blank canvas, without a manual.  If it’s your first child, you just do your very best. We think about the things that parents should provide for a baby: love, health and stability, lovingly instilling a good, strong sense of values like we have – knowing right from wrong – and a deep sense of kindness.

But we think the best thing two people could give their child is an environment of absolute love. We are such good teammates together that our child would never witness anything other than laughter, hugs and kisses.  We have more than enough love to go around, and the key to happiness, surely, is love.

We are looking forward to providing a child an opportunity to try things out and see what they like: sports, languages, arts, dance, adventure and education. Dana values education and has gone so far as to work on her PhD.  Ari wants to provide a space full of arts and creativity.  We are both committed to opening up opportunities to a child so they can decide what fits their personality best and what they want to do with their lives.

Thoughts on Adoption

This commitment to building a strong and loving family unit of our own would extend to you as well. Right from the beginning of you deciding we are the right match for you, we’d want to help you with what you need – support, counseling, or as much or as little as you’d want us to be around. We want to offer you the opportunity to learn about and visit your baby as the child grows, so that they’ll always know where they came from – we hope there can be healthy, lifelong relationships between everyone involved. This means we can plan visits if you want or share pictures, stories, Facebook – whatever makes the most sense for you.  We will be forever thankful to you for making the decision to choose us and for your child being a part of our family. If you would like to learn more about us or to arrange an initial phone call, please call Cindy (anytime) at A Loving Alternative (800) 556-5635.


Dana and Ari

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