We are Erin and Nat. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We deeply admire that you are considering adoption, and hope for the very best for you and your baby – whatever you decide and wherever your heart leads you.

We are a loving, fun, active couple who enjoys being outdoors, values education, and thoughtfully nurtures our relationships with each other and with our family and friends. If we are lucky enough to be chosen by you, your baby will be wholeheartedly embraced, unconditionally loved, and thoughtfully cared for.

Being that both Erin and her mother are adopted, we have a profound appreciation for what an incredibly loving and wonderful experience adoption can be. We treasure the deep roots of adoption in our lives having built two generations of families this way, and how it wove and strongly bonded us together. Given that, we are excited to create our own family through adoption and welcome the child we are meant to be connected with.

About Us

L1 - Erin & NatWe met in 2002 when Erin was supposed to be meeting a blind date at a restaurant, but met Nat instead. Erin asked Nat if he was her blind date. When he said, “No”, she replied “Bummer!” because she thought he was cute. We talked for the next three hours and instantly fell for one another. We quickly realized we had a lot in common: similar values, cherished relationships with family and friends, a love of the outdoors and living an active lifestyle. Within two years we were married and bought the house we live in now.

We have a strong and loving marriage, and make a good team – whether supporting each other day-to-day or in our respective personal and professional goals. When challenges or stressful situations arise, we talk through them and find a solution together. We value honesty, kindness, mutual respect, friendship, and being present in our relationship.

Some of our favorite things to do together include: outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, skiing), date nights, cooking, traveling, home improvement projects, volunteering and fundraising for causes we love, reading, and watching TV together.

Our Cape-style house is nestled in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. Whether tending to our gardens, preparing for and hosting our friends and family for the holidays, grilling on our patio, playing games, sitting outside in our yard, or relaxing on the couch or hammock – we love being home and spending time together. Friends and family who visit often comment on how inviting our home is.

Our neighborhood, town, and nearby Boston have so much to offer.

From our door, we can walk to a new large playground and picturesque walking trails. We also frequent the nearby Audubon sanctuaries, homemade ice cream shops, the movie theater, and ethnically-diverse restaurants. In addition, we routinely enjoy the short drive to Boston to catch a baseball game, take in shows, as well as visit various museums and engage in kid friendly activities (such as the zoo, children’s museum, and aquarium) with our family and friends and their little ones.

We also love to travel and explore near home and abroad. Both of us have been lucky enough to have traveled to, and briefly lived in, different parts of the world. These days we stick closer to home. You can frequently find us on weekend trips across New England. We also take an annual spring vacation to Florida and occasional trips to New York City, Colorado, Utah, or California to reconnect with loved ones.

For us, our family and friends are very important and we go to great lengths to care for our “village”. Our combined network of family and friends are our biggest supporters and us theirs. We feel grateful to have such loving, joyful, accepting, and active people in our lives and can’t wait to introduce our baby to them. Nat comes from a close-knit, musical family of five children who also live in New England and Erin is very close with her parents and younger sister, who live a couple hours away and we see often. Erin’s sister and her husband have four children under the age of 8 – who will be fun, encouraging, and great cousins for our future child. Both of us also maintain friendships from childhood and the various chapters of our lives. Many honorary aunts and uncles-to-be look forward to showering our child with love, kindness, and joy as well.

We also deeply value holidays and traditions. In the fall, we go apple picking and carve pumpkins. At Thanksgiving, we vie for the honor of being selected from among 40 people to creatively mash the potatoes to upbeat music. In the winter, we decorate gingerbread houses, hang Christmas stockings, and wait for the Christmas pajama elf – who delivers new jammies for Erin’s family on Christmas Eve. We also love to make homemade Valentines, as well as bake birthday cakes and celebrate with boisterous singing.

While traditions were passed down, we have cooked up a few new ones of our own. For example, that’s Erin pictured in a ski hat wearing a hazmat suit and safety glasses holding her sister’s leg in one hand while mashing the potatoes with the other.

About Erin By Nat

L2 - Erin & NatI am beyond blessed to be married to Erin. Her empathic, patient, passionate, driven, and thoughtful nature has taught me a lot about being a better human being. I admire Erin’s ability to connect with people she meets in such an authentic and heartfelt way. It’s these qualities and her organized, creative mind that led her to establish her own private practice as a therapist and life coach six years ago.

Erin’s loving and generous spirit shines through in the many relationships she nurtures, the organizations she’s involved with, and even to the animals in our own backyard. Approachable and gentle, the wild bunnies and birds sometimes sit by her when she spends time or meditates outside.

Erin also has an adventurous and independent side – making a choice before starting a family to pursue a pre-family bucket list, including: skydiving, paragliding, running a marathon, whitewater rafting, and more. Growing up, she played soccer, tennis and ski raced – and continues to be active. In addition, she raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, sang in several weddings, took flying trapeze lessons, dabbles in photography, and she loves to bake.

With many adventures under her belt, Erin’s ready for the next one…to become a mom. I know she will make a wonderful mother. Kids of all ages gravitate to Erin. She is a trustworthy, fun, and compassionate adult. She is always available to talk to or for snuggles, to patch boo-boos, to sing lullabies, and to read books. (Her favorites: “On the Night You Were Born”, “The Velveteen Rabbit”, and Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”.) Erin is an engaging playmate and a renowned fairy house builder. She treasures the time we spend with our nieces, nephew and our friends’ children. Erin is also a godmother to our niece and her best friend’s son, and an honorary aunt to many.

Once we adopt, Erin plans to take a maternity leave and then return to work part-time. She’s ready for and excited to be a mom.

About Nat by Erin

L3 - Erin & NatI truly feel lucky to have found and married Nat. He’s easy-going, athletic, smart, talented, funny, thoughtful and hard working. He is also an emotional rock and interested in people and the world around him. Nat brings out the best in me, and is a trustworthy, supportive, and caring husband.

Nat is also a creative problem solver both personally and professionally (as a successful Mechanical Engineer). He loves what he does for work – building robots that help police departments and the U.S. military protect people around the world.

Nat is great in the kitchen as well. His breakfasts, chicken stir-fry, grilled salmon, and homemade stews are famous among loved ones. He’s also extremely handy around the house – replacing all of the windows in our home himself, building a 3-car garage for his parent’s home, and opening the wall between our kitchen and our den. In addition, Nat takes pride in the beautiful gardens he’s created around our home.

A self-taught drummer, Nat lovingly uses my leg or arm as a snare drum as we jam out to music on long car rides, and he still enjoys playing the occasional gig with his friends. Nat has many friends and can often be found downhill skiing, golfing, kayaking, or playing basketball with me or various buddies.

Kids LOVE Nat. Our nieces, nephews and friends’ children can’t wait to play with Nat when he visits and look forward to tossing the baseball, drawing, playing basketball, reading bedtime stories or learning something new. He’s also a great confidante and a good listener. I know with all my heart that Nat will be an incredible father, having seen him interact with children and because of who he is. Having him as my partner gives me full confidence that our family will be deeply loved, well taken care of, active, and have fun along the way!

Thoughts on Parenting

Together for 14 years and married for 12, we have always wanted children and look forward to sharing the values we were raised with and continue to live by with our son or daughter. These include: tending to close relationships with family and friends, being kind, pursuing educational opportunities, spending time outside, nurturing creativity and fostering an environment filled with love and laughter.

We both grew up in loving homes with many opportunities and we want to offer the same to your child. Life with us will include reading and sharing stories, exploring, making forts, cooking and eating meals together daily, homemade pancakes on the weekends, walks in the park, singing, and so much more. We promise to love and protect your child to the very best of our abilities. We are committed to providing a safe, kind, and joyful home for him or her to grow up in and we will be there for all of the important moments.

We feel it’s important to value and listen to children, and provide encouraging, positive feedback. We intend to meet our child with an open mind and a curious heart, right where they are. Encouraging and helping support our child to pursue and follow their dreams is one of the things we look most forward to. Both of us strongly value education and will encourage her or him to attend college if they want to.

We also want to balance education, activity, faith, and fun in our child’s life – and will provide opportunities to try sports, musical instruments, and arts if they’re interested. Overall, we will be loving parents who create an atmosphere of security, joy, and support to pursue our child’s passions and to be him or herself.

We have been preparing to grow our family since the start of our relationship, and we both want to be very engaged and involved in our child’s life. Erin’s career as a therapist offers her the flexibility to set her own schedule and be at home with our future child as much as she chooses. We’re both looking forward to this new chapter and being parents.

Our Promise

L4 - Erin & NatI (Erin) was adopted as an infant. I have tremendous respect, compassion and gratitude for my birth parents and my adoptive parents. My adoptive mother and her two siblings (my aunt and uncle) are also adopted. In addition, we have several close friends who are adopted and friends who have recently adopted children. We understand the blessings adoption can bring from different vantage points, and I’m proud of my adoption legacy.

What I (Nat) have learned about adoption from Erin and her family has inspired me so much that I really look forward to creating a family of our own in the same way. Seeing the love in her family has helped me realize that bonds are not created through blood, but by shared experience and the love we have in our hearts for each other – however a family is formed.

Building our family through adoption has always been a dream of ours. We are excited to unconditionally love the baby that comes into our lives and to celebrate his or her adoption story throughout their life. We are open to discussing your wishes, and promise to respect your role in our child’s and our lives. If you’d like, we are also happy to share photos and updates with you. If you choose us, you can trust we will bring compassion and love for the baby, for you, and for all of us collectively into this adoption.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope that by learning about who we are you may be a little more at ease knowing that if you choose adoption with us, that your baby will be provided a happy, comfortable home filled with infinite love and inspired adventures. Whatever your decision may be we know in our hearts it will be the right choice for your baby, and we wish you the very best.

If we seem like a good fit for you and your baby, and you would like to learn more about us or arrange an initial phone call, please call Cindy (anytime) at A Loving Alternative at (800) 556-5635.


With gratitude,

Erin and Nat

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