Hi! We’re Jenn and Joe. We feel that everything happens for a reason and we admire your courage and strength to consider an adoption plan for your baby. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We hope to convey the love, dedication and nurturing we are looking forward to sharing with our child.

About Us

We met on the dance floor and quickly fell in love. We were both attracted to a soulful quality in each other and started to build a life together right away. Jenn is attracted to Joe’s warmth, acceptance, ability to make her laugh and his way of totally supporting her. Joe is attracted to Jenn’s big beautiful smile, her curly hair, her talent as a healer and her willingness to let him make her laugh!

We live in Maynard, a wooded suburb west of Boston, and enjoy a country setting filled with apple trees. We love to swim and hike at Walden Pond or the Assabet River that goes right through our town. We live in a townhouse community with lots of kids, a playground, pool, lake, tennis court and gardens that the children all love. Our home is comfortable and spacious with a great playroom. We have a nice big deck overlooking the pond.

In our free time, we love to swim, hike, sing, dance, listen to live music, read to each other, do yoga together and hang out with our adorable kitty cats. We also have a large extended network of friends that we met through dance, volunteering and our work.

Family is very important to both of us and we enjoy visiting with both sides throughout the year.  Joe comes from a large, loving family who lives in New Mexico. He is one of seven children and has a twin sister! Jenn comes from a very loving and warm family in New York and holds her sister and three nephews close to her heart. She has a very close relationship with her parents and all of her extended family in Texas, Florida and NY. In the summertime we hang out with the family at Jenn’s parents’ summer place on the ocean.

For work, we run a family business in the healing arts. Joe is the business manager and Jenn is a doctor of chiropractic. Together we dedicate our lives to helping others get healthy. We have a thriving practice and we are lucky that we work well together.

Joe has two beautiful, grown children, Kassie and Jay, who were six and ten when we met and are now grown and on their own.  As they were growing up, the four of us would dance, hike, bike, camp, read books like Harry Potter, cook, sing, be silly, play games and go on adventures together, called “The Snowdon Adventures”. We all love the beach, the woods and the mountains. Kassie has grown up to be an amazing woman who recently got married and has a great career as a violin teacher in elementary school. Jay has grown up to be a strong man and a great leader. He followed his heart and carved out his own road in the forests of Idaho. He teaches forestry to young adults in the Conservation Corps Program.

Once we felt the timing was right to have children together, Jenn miscarried twice. This experience led us to adoption and we feel really good about it. The funny thing is that Jenn has had this feeling since childhood that she would adopt.

Joe plans on being a stay at home Dad since he has flexibility with the business. Jenn is thrilled we have this option and knows Joe has a special knack for nurturing others. He is very intuitive and gifted at helping people get what they need. His ability to love and care for others is a very special quality.

About Jenn by Joe

I am, seriously, the luckiest man alive to be able to call Jennifer my wife! When my best friend met Jenn he told me that the air around her shimmers because of her personality, amazing smile, loving energy and the way she makes whomever she’s talking to feel like the most special person in the room. The first thing that attracted me to Jenn was her smile. The reason I married her was her huge, strong, warm heart that is behind that smile.

I don’t know anyone else with Jenn’s strength. It is such a gift to be able to work with Jenn at work. I get to see the effect she has on the lives of literally hundreds of people every week. In Jenn’s practice she has patients who bring their whole families to receive her gentle care and healing touch. She has families that have been coming to her for the entire twenty years she’s been in business. Some were three-day old infants when she first saw them, and they still come to see her as adults because she is such a gifted healer! She works with kids of all ages, and helps guide their parents on the journey of helping them live healthy, happy lives.

We have created an amazing opportunity for our family by working with each other. I love sharing the work my wife is so passionate about. Together we are running an incredibly successful business. The best part is that we can organize our time which will allow us to both actively raise our child. I know in my heart Jenn will be an amazing Mom because she has so much love to give. I am so excited that the new member of our family will be blessed with Jenn’s generosity and her passion for living life to its absolute fullest. When I met Jenn, I was raising my two children as a divorced dad. She set a wonderful example for my children. She helped my son learn to read as we all sat as a family and read the first Harry Potter book out loud together. We took camping trips to the mountains and the beach together, and we love doing yoga together. My daughter got married recently and Jenn was there, crying joyfully as we watched this amazing young woman make her own vows. Jenn has been like a second mom to my children.

I am so excited to be a parent with the love of my life!

About Joe by Jenn

Joe is the kindest and most loving man I know. He will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is taken care of. He makes me feel loved, happy and safe every day. We take time throughout the week appreciating each other just in case we “forget”. We have a cute saying, “Have you forgotten how much I love you?” I feel so cherished by Joe. He has my back in everything that I do. If I need help cooking, cleaning, carrying heavy items or a work project, he is always right there by my side.

I know he’s a wonderful father because I watched him lovingly raise two great kids who are now amazing adults. He is great at rounding up the family and creating a picnic at the beach or a hike up the mountain.

Joe was a lifeguard when he was young and looks forward to teaching our child how to swim. He loves making goofy faces and silly puns with words. He is creative in helping kids get through rough spots by listening and giving gentle guidance. He taught his kids the value of serving others by bringing them along to a zillion community service programs. My favorite is an annual event called Operation Elf that he created with his best friend Kris that collects and gives Christmas presents to 1000’s of homeless kids in Boston.

I know Joe will be a great Dad having witnessed how lovingly he raised his older children. I am looking forward to growing our family together.

Our Thoughts on Parenting

As parents we believe everyone is unique and our job is to help our child find his/her own way in the world. We believe in treating children with respect and generosity. We hope to nurture our child’s gifts so that s/he can become the best person possible. We plan on teaching our child the values of being kind, caring for others and being a person who makes a positive impact on the world.

Thoughts on Adoption

It is a blessing that families are made with adoption. We know in our hearts that the baby we adopt is the baby we were meant to parent. Thank you for considering us. We are open and flexible about staying in touch with you as much as you would like. It’s important for us to honor your experience and the baby’s heritage. Our intention is to always answer and support our child’s questions.

If you would like to learn more about us or arrange an initial phone call, please call Cindy (anytime) at A Loving Alternative (800) 566-5635.

With gratitude,

Jenn & Joe

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