Every family has a story, welcome to ours! We are Kellie and Dana, we are ecstatic that you are taking the opportunity to read our profile in quest of finding adoptive parents for your child. We want you to know that we feel honored to be on this journey of adoption with you.  As a married couple, our desire to live life to the fullest is undeniable and together we make a great team. It is our hope that through reading our letter and viewing our photos, you will turn our dream of having a family into a reality.

About Us

Our meeting was unexpected and unfolded exactly how a true love story does. In February 2011, we both took a vacation and boarded a plane to Florida.  Little did we know we would meet, fall in love, and marry. Instantly we were drawn to one another’s outgoing, fun, kind personalities. As the months passed our love for one another snow balled and three years later we were wed.

After marrying we purchased a home located in a small, but family oriented community in Connecticut. In the town we live, we enjoy taking advantage of all it has to offer. Whether it be a walk in the park with our dog Garth, stopping at the farm stand to see the animals and buy fresh vegetables, attending various cultural events, carnivals, or just playing a tennis match, the place we live seems to be a perfect for us and also for a family.

We are an active couple and enjoy getting out and having fun. In the summer months, one of our favorite things to do is to head down to the beach club where we are members. It’s a place where people of all ages come together to enjoy the beach, pools, and amenities. Each summer we admire all the families with their children making memories and cannot wait for the day we are able to do the same with a little bundle of joy.

Traveling and experiencing different cultures is something we enjoy doing. All trips are an adventure and we take the opportunity to explore and enjoy each moment. Whether sitting on the beach together, touring the sights of the Cinque Terre, Italy, boarding a cruise ship or our yearly visit to see family in Marco Island, each experience is as priceless as the other. We believe that traveling is one of lives adventures and we look forward to the day we visit more places and have a little one to have these experiences with.

About Kellie by Dana

When thinking of Kellie, the words warm hearted, energetic, passionate, and honest come to mind. As a wife, daughter, friend, and teacher her desire to make those around her have a good time and make memories is remarkable. Kellie loves creating an atmosphere filed with laughter, creativity, and enjoyment. Whether at work teaching her fourth graders or hosting our annual Christmas and Fourth of July parties, Kellie always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels special, comfortable, and enjoys their time. When we have celebrations, Kellie loves to set up games, prizes, and activities for all ages. In the past she’s had pumpkin painting, tie die stations and Pictionary games to ensure everyone is having a ball. Her passion to live life makes it clear to me she will be a mom with spark, laughter, and lots of love. When I hear her talk about her students, or see her spend time with our niece Sofia and our friend’s children, she shines. I know she will shine even brighter with a child of her own.

About Dana by Kellie


There are many adjectives I can use to describe Dana.  Just a few words I will choose to describe him are honest, selfless, caring, and kind. Dana would give his shirt off his back to help family, friends, and even strangers. Dana is probably the kindest man I ever met. Thinking back, many stories stick out to me and melt my heart.  During our annual Fourth of July party, I recall one of our best friend’s child wanted to go on the slip and slide, but none of the other children wanted to at that moment. So, Dana took his shirt off, and said “Let’s go!” In seconds the two were having the best time slipping and sliding.  Dana simply loves when others are happy.  He loves when he sees our niece Sofia. He enjoys playing board games and coloring with her. He’s been known to take out a golf club and teach her how to swing.  In my whole life I have never met a better man. I can’t even imagine the phenomenal dad he will be.

What we hope to offer a child

As a couple we are unable to have children biologically. However, we believe one day we will become parents and we are confident that we will offer a child a home filled with love, guidance, and stability, both financial and emotional.  It is our intention to expose our child to as many of life’s adventures as possible so he or she may be able to draw on these experiences to help shape who they will become Through all the stages of our child’s life we will provide the tools and support necessary to be a successful, confident, respectful, and kind person.  To do this we will lead by example as these are values that were instilled in us from our parents and we believe that they are important to become a well rounded person.

We consider ourselves extremely family oriented and are very close to our parents, siblings, and extended family.   It is a certainty that our child will grow up in a loving and caring family where he/ she will be adored and loved.  Our child will be raised in a family which is full of traditions from celebrating birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings, etc. –  you name it our families will be together.

Specifically, our child will spend many days with niece Sophia, Aunt Lindsey, Pop and Grandma Jean on the beaches in Marco Island FL, Ocean City Maryland or boating on the lake at our parent’s home in CT.  Grandpa Len, Mama Rosie and Uncle Keith will be there to make sure we are active in of the New York traditions, such as a Yankee game with aunt Deb and Uncle Drew, Christmas shows in New York (with all the cousins), to summer outings Long Beach Island, to apple picking in the country sides of New York, or participating in an annual family wiffle ball game, memories will continue to be made. When we informed our families about our decision to adopt, the excitement was overwhelming. Our child will have a lot of people ready to play with them and support us as a family.

We have a loving, cuddly three-year-old yellow lab named Garth.  Garth certainly has a personality of his own and is a true part of our family.   It is amazing to see how he loves people of all ages whether it is giving kisses to babies or curling up on the couch with company. Garth is full of life and is quite energetic.  He brings so much joy to our lives and we know he will be the best doggie brother possible.

Kellie is a school teacher and Dana is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner. We have found that for us, a good education helped pave the way to successful careers.  We will aim to provide the same educational opportunities for our child that was provided to us by our parents.  We both feel strongly about the importance of a quality education and will encourage our child to pursue their goals and follow their dreams.  This will be made possible by starting a College Savings fund, which will be used when the time comes to make this important decision.

Thoughts on Adoption

We believe adoption needs to praised and celebrated. It means that a child isn’t just loved by one set of parents, but two. It means all parties involved have one’s best interest at heart because they want their child to have an amazing life filled with laughter, joy, and opportunity.  We believe adoption to be a special part of one’s life and it should be shared with others.

We have been fortunate to have a firsthand experience with adoption.  Lindsay, Dana’s step sister was adopted over thirty years ago. It has been evident that the love, bond, and happiness that is formed within an adoptive home is no different than any other.

We would be more than willing to meet with you and keep the lines of communication open.  We believe this journey of adoption requires comfort and support for all parties. We are open to providing updates on the life of your baby through letters, pictures, and emails.

Thanks to you and your courage, you have given us hope that our dream of becoming parents has a chance of becoming a reality. As parents through adoption we are aware that there aren’t sufficient words and there will never be anything we can give, that would be as meaning full as the life you created and chose to share with us.

If you would like to learn more about us or to arrange an initial phone call, please call Cindy (anytime) at a Loving Alternative (800) 556-5635.


Kellie and Dana

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